Saturday, 8 December 2012

Make Some Noise For Mutant Toys

Talented guest artist Twyla Exner lead the workshops this past week at Art City. She does some pretty cool stuff.

Twyla is from Prince Albert Saskatchewan, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture, and a Masters of Fine Arts in studio arts.

Twyla uses a variety of mediums, materials and objects and prefer hands-on, labour-intensive processes, a few of which she shared with us.

She showed us a thing or two about hand-sewn creatures, mutant toys, bottle cap art, wire sculptures, and what she calls Disney revisited. 

Check out her website to explore her ongoing work and creations. Below are pictures of some of the art participants made in her workshops.

 Hand-sewn creatures
 Another little hand-sewn dude
 Amazing bottle cap art
 How cool are these?!
 Bottle cap art was a real hit

 Disney revisited
 Pretty awesome
 Love this concept
 Wire sculptures
Mutant toys