Friday, 14 September 2012

Lights, Camera, Art!

Participants spent this week digging into some super cool set designing for a play called Diss, written by playwright Rex Deverell from Toronto.

Workshops this week were led by guest artist Kim Griffin, who specializes in theatre set design, and is a part of Manitoban theatre company Cercle Moliere.

 Guest Artist, Kim Griffin
Griffin with volunteer and participants

The week kicked off with participants drawing pictures of what they envisioned the set to look like, and from there Griffin and participants began painting backdrops and bringing the ideas to life. 

Check out some of the really cool end results!

The play is about a family who moves from the Caribbean to Toronto, where their father is killed in a gang-related incident. The children’s mother relocates her family to Winnipeg, where her son gets involved with a group of gang-wannabes. The play is set to tour schools around Winnipeg starting this fall.

One excited seven-year-old participant who attends Wolseley’s Mulvey school and helped with the set this week said, “Of COURSE I will see it! I’m almost an artist you know. My mom’s gonna’ sign me up for more art!”