Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Word From the Directors

“The Art City bike does not coast. It’s always pedaling forward at top speed, and by 2011, our participants were doing most of the steering (look out!).”-Eddie Ayoub, Artistic Director

“Here’s to more community art in 2012!”-Josh Ruth, Managing Director

“In a war against boredom and its by-products, Art City is like a rainbow coloured airplane-helicopter tank strafing love across the landscape, with friendly people of all ages hanging off the sides lobbing positivity.”-Eddie Ayoub

“It has been ten years since I came to Art City as a volunteer. During that time, literally thousands of people have become Art Citizens. Participants of all ages, from many neighbourhoods, each with their own story.”-Josh Ruth

“Flipping through a year’s worth of Art City calendars, my jaw dropped at least 52 times-one highlight on the heels of another, and it did not stop.”-Eddie Ayoub

“Whatever the motivation, one thing seems constantly true: once you have been to Art City, you are never the same.”-Josh Ruth

“The words ‘I’m bored’ are seldom uttered within Art City’s walls. When they are, they are immediately followed by stunned silence and wide-eyed stares.”-Eddie Ayoub

“If you enable people to tell their own stories, the way they want to tell them, they will never stop gardening their own imaginations.”-Josh Ruth

On the left, Josh Ruth, Managing Director, with regular participant

Eddie Ayoub, Artistic Director, at a 2012 Art City Mural Launch