Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Summer 2012 at Art City-What a Blast!

Holy moly, this summer was a busy one for us folks at Art City. Much like every season, events, workshops, and creations were a-plenty and non-stop. Let’s take a look at a couple highlights!

The Art City Sky Parade, held on June 30th, was a GIANT success. The weeks of preparation truly paid off.

A giant eagle, giant owl, and giant sun-person were a few of the first things crafted for the parade. Participants drew pictures of what these things should look like, and the formation grew from there. It all came together beautifully.

The 30 degree weather did not stop staff and participants from painting their faces and going all out.

Art City Managing Director, Josh Ruth, leading the show

After the parade, everyone hung out for an afternoon filled with sun, activities, entertainment. It gets bigger and better with each year. And as always, couldn’t have done it without our devoted participants and volunteers.

The celebration of the new Art City van took place this summer on August 2nd, on the rooftop of the WAG. Renowned Dutch artist Olaf Mooij was the master behind the creation you see in the pictures below. Big thanks to our sponsors for making this sculpture come to life! This includes Tetrem Capital Management, MJ Roofing, Edward Carriere, Business for the Arts, the Winnipeg Foundation, the Winnipeg Arts Council, Birchwood Honda Centre, and Blue Mountain Signs. 

On August 25th, we held our Chalk 4 Peace event, in which participants came together to express themselves through brightly-coloured sidewalk chalk art, to raise awareness about global peace. Donations were collected for War Child Canada.

Entertainment from local musicians The Flaming Trolleys, Lindsey White and Mitch Dorge, Rastamils, and more, made for a tranquil gathering of friends in Vimy Ridge Park that afternoon. The phrase “make art, not war,” set a nice tone for this event.
With August also came Art City’s annual art exhibition preparation. For the weekend of August long, participants put much hard work into creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art, with the help of guest artists Robert Pasternak and Aaron Boissonneault. The idea behind the exhibition? The idea behind Art City itself-Art experiences for everybody, free of cost.

From Monday August 27 to Friday August 31, the Art City Free Store was held at 143 Sherbrook Street.  Anyone was welcome to show up, browse, and create a work of art of their own on site in exchange for any piece of their liking. Here’s a couple gems that were up for trade!

After a jam-packed summer of lovin’, livin’ and non-stop art, we eagerly enter the fall season and look forward to another year of Art City craziness! The best kind of craziness, of course.