Thursday, 27 June 2013

Art City WHALE Parade

Are you a fan of whales?

Well then oh man, you’re in luck. Art City’s biggest community event of the year, our annual parade, is happening this Saturday.

 The Art City WHALE Parade is upon us. Last year we celebrated the Art City Sky Parade, and this year’s parade is an extension of that event. 

From the sky to the ocean..let’s parade about it. Water security is a clear and present concern in Canada and Manitoba’s vast waterways. This has been the epicenter of discussion around the urgent need for Canadians to assess the importance of preservation. That’s why we’re having this super sweet parade, and we’re inviting you to take part in the celebration of Manitoba’s waterways. From big to tiny, we love all those crazy little creatures living streams, rivers and lakes. The Red & Assiniboine Rivers, the prehistoric glacial lakes of Manitoba and Winnipeg, and the iconic Hudon’s Bay are full of them.

Healthy clean water is crucial for the wellbeing of plants, animals, and humans and is a key ingredient to a sustainable future. We’re super excited about this artistic exploration of Manitoba’s waterways. Art City hopes to inspire people of all ages to see the importance of change in their communities and for the sake of their environment. 

What can you expect to see at the Art City Parade?

 -giant pod of Belugas -array of waterfowl -canoes & motorboats -giant loon -the Winnipogo -underwater handmade orchestra -and especially, beavers Following the parade, there will be hundreds of homemade cookies (baked by our Art City Board of Directors), watermelon, water games, an exhibition of tiny artworks that will be launched into near space, and live entertainment by the Aboriginal School of Dance.