Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's Live! Monster Movie Mash

The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre was bursting with goblins and ghouls last Friday night. Robots and cheetahs and monsters, oh my!

The Art City Monster Movie Mash was a spooky sight to be seen. There was a delightful halloweeny energy in the building the entire night. The movies made were oh so marvelous!
To all who joined us-thanks for coming out. What a great way to kick off Halloween.

Thanks so much to special guest artists Ulysses Castellanos and Cathy Gordon from Toronto, for helping us put on such an awesome night of movie madness! You two really showed us how it’s done.

Guests were welcome to choose from racks of handcrafted costumes and accessories, then star in a movie shot and edited on location, with backdrops created by Art City participants.

The whole thing was pretty epic. We had an old school box office entrance, make-up area and green room, two movie sets, theatre-style popcorn for viewers, huge craft table for costume accessories, special professional photography backdrop for the stars, and a screening area set up movie theatre style-everyone could watch there own or others’ performances all night long! Participants were pretty jazzed to see themselves up on the big screen.